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Questions and Answers

Q) Should I buy an expensive instrument to start with?

A) Higher priced instruments are often easier to play and sound better than lower priced instruments. However, beginners are often unable to discern the tonal differences that differentiate high quality from low quality instruments. Also, given that young people often have shifting interests, an inexpensive instrument might be a better bet.

Q) Should I buy a smaller guitar or violin for my young child?

A) Definitely! Playing an instrument that is too large for small hands can lead to ergonomic problems in the long run like tendonitis. Depending on the age of the young student, a 1/2 or 3/4 scale instrument would probably be best.

Q) What kind of guitar should I start with – electric or acoustic?

A) This is often a matter of personal choice but there are some considerations. Both types of guitars are played with roughly similar technique. Electric guitars are slightly easier to play – they don’t require as much strength and they don’t hurt the fingertips as much, but they also require an amplifier and a power source. Also, rock music in particular is probably best played on an electric guitar. The strings are easier to bend and the sound is better suited to rock. If finger picking acoustic music is your thing, or you find a normal guitar too small to play comfortably, consider a nylon-string wide-necked classical acoustic guitar.

Q) How long will music lessons last?

A) This is a little harder to answer. It depends in large part on how often and long a student practices. Obviously, the more practice, the faster the rate of improvement. Also, the length of study is dependant on what level of expertise the student desires. In addition, different students learn at different rates. In general it is this author’s experience that with diligent practice, most students can achieve at least an intermediate level of expertise within a year or less.


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